- download SetupDragon v4.1beta4.msi (40 MB) + (100 MB if dotnet 4.0 is not installed yet on your computer)

Changes in 4.1 (28-9-2012):

New features:
- Thinking in opponent time now available (pondering)
- Viewing PDN game while keeping selection form open
- In more cases, dragon shows the game-theoretical score of the current position, if it is known

Performance improvements:
- In tournaments, dragon uses a number of tables that help it evaluate positions. These are now included
  in the downloadable version (+140 elo points worth of improvement)
- Better move ordering: 20% faster to certain search depth (+12 elo)
- Browsing through the game should be a bit faster
- Improved endgame handling (without endgame database, when dragon on a easy level, it was not able to win
  some otherwise won positions)
- Large page support can give about 3% speed improvement on 64 bit windows

Various bug fixes:
- Damexchange should now work correctly for matches
- Fixed problems with endgame generator
- Fixed some glitches where dragon played a losing move in a won endgame position
- A large number of small bugs fixed

changes in older version (4.0, 24-8-2011) - completely new user interface - engine search speed is increased by a factor between 2 and 3, due to improved multithreading algorithms and switch to bitboards. - endgame database generation is fully multithreaded and can generate up to 8 piece endgames (given sufficient ram)
changes in older version (v3.0, 2008): #Massively improved game analyses: Dragon spends more time on interresting positions, less on obvious moves Analyses is created as game variant Continuation is done on full search depth Evaluation at end of game Quick game analyses option: checks for blunders and gives quickly produces score graph Automatic threshold: lower the comment threshold at longer thinking times #General changes: Fixed bug when windows went into screensaver Form to quickly enter a new game, or copy & paste a game from a website or other document Game moves are now implemented as a tree, allowing for variants, and variants of variants, ad infinitum Graph displaying score during the game Option form split in 3 seperate tabs Options to change some of dragon's colors. #Engine improvements Dragon can now utilise multi-core processors. Speedup is still modest though. Measured as time to reach a certain level of play, dragon is 1.55 times faster on dual core, and 1.99 times on a quad-core. Set up the number of processors you want dragon to use in the options. Endgame databases are now accessed directly from disk if there are not available in memory Improved database compression. All 6 piece endings now fit on a single CD About 10% speed improvement Improved move ordering Improved identication of drawn endgames #Bugfixes: Lastgame.pdn can't be overwritten anymore by an empty game Save as applet problem fixed Infinite analyses did not work when still in opening book Position analyses sometimes produced invalid continuations on lower depths