Technical details of dragon draughts:

DragonDraughts ()

DragonDraughts comes in two parts; the windows interface is written in Visual basic .NET 4, and the engine is written in C, using the free Visual studio 2010 compiler. These two programs work together by message passing.

All of the draughts knowledge is in the engine; the windows interface just receives instructions from the engine and displays the result.

It is possible to use the engine as a stand alone, character based, application in a unix environment. The dragon engine was developped under linux, and later under the cygwin environment, but it should still run in linux.

The board images were made in several ways. Most were created from scratch with photoshop 7.0. The default board and the stones were made with the free ray-tracer Povray. Some others are photographs, with more or less editing in photoshop.

The 3d models were made with the shareware program milkshape.

You can download the source code of the draughts-engine: dragon-1.2.3 (GPL License), or the older  The windows source code will not be released.