Stereo Panorama Converter

Input filetypes

The following file types are supported:
  • *.jpg, 24 bit color
  • *.png, 24 bit color
  • *.tif, 24 bit color
  • *.vr.jpg: Google Photospheres
  • *.mpo: stereoscopic images generated by for example Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D series
  • *.jps: For side-by-side stereoscopic images
  • Automatic detection of images

    For the automatic detection of the input image panoramo, the program looks at the aspect ratio of the input image:
  • 1x1 --> top-bottom stereoscopic 360° image
  • 2x1 --> 360x180° mono 360° image
  • 4x1 --> side-by-side stereo 360° image
  • Wider than 2x1 --> Partial panorama mono, 360° width
  • Other: planar, for example: from a wide angle lens
  • Naming conventions

    Some output types produce multiple files. When asked for a filename, the programm will add a text to the name you select.

    Below you find the naming conventions

  • Stereoscopic: name_left name_right
  • Cubemaps, single file: name_cube
  • Cubemaps, seperate files, mono: name_f (front) name_l (left) name_r (right) name_b (back) name_u (up) name_d (down)
  • Cubemaps, seperate files, stereo: name_1_f (front) name_1_l (left) name_1_r (right) name_1_b (back) name_1_u (up) name_1_d (down) for the left eye, and name_2_... for the right eye
  • Side-by-side: name_sbs
  • Top-bottom: name_tb
  • Planar versus equirectangular images

    Most panoramic images are in en equirectangular projection. This formats allows a 360x180 ° view of the world.

    If you take a picture with a normal lens, however the image is typically in a planar projection. In this case, you have to tell the program the width in degrees of the image. It is impossible to have a planar projection over 180x180°.

    If you want, you can magnify the angle. For example, if you take a stereoscopic image with a telelens, the actual field of view might be only 15x10°. However, to make it larger in a VR-environment, you could set the horizontal angle to 100 degrees. Don't get too close to 180, because the image will deform very badly.

    Output filetypes

    The following file types are supported:
  • *.jpg, 24 bit color
  • *.png, 24 bit color
  • *.tif, 24 bit color