My software:

Easy Job timer (shareware)
Easy job timer is a timing application that allows you to track the time you spend on tasks for clients or other activities.

Dragon Draughts (freeware)
Dragon plays 10x10 international draughts at grandmaster level.

Exact backgammon bearoff (freeware)
A computer program that does exact computations in backgammon bearoff positions.

The onager simulator (freeware)
The onager simulator calculates all aspects of a roman onager, such as the projectile acceleration during launch and almost 20 other physical parameters that you may need to design an onager.

Personal pages:

How to build your own atomic bomb
Dont try this at home.(nor anywhere else in a thousand km radius)

The baby onager project
Photo's of a small onager (roman catapult)

You got mail sound

Other links:
The Grimminck / Grim Family Reunion August 2003 in Lewedorp,,
Sites of the company I work for. The sites contain the numerous cgi-scripts that I wrote.

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