Dragon dammen

* the analyses window can be optionally placed next to, or below the board
* when setting up a position, there is an indicator if the board is reversed

* new, responsive website

25-9-2017 version 4.6.1

27-3-2014 version 4.4.0
* open .pdn files automatically
* importing games: filter on winner
* importing games: quicker import if same file is opened as before
* easier configuration of endgame databases
* changing the endgame database configuration no longer requires a restart of the program

* dynamically determen hashtable size. Using too much or to little hashtables can affect performance of dragon. Dragon now determens the optimal hashtable size each move, based on the current position and hardware it is running on, without exceeding the maximum amount you set
* 10-20% speed improvement in 'search all moves'
* finetuning of evaluation weights

Some effort has been done to make damexchange more efficient and reproducable at short games (1 minute/game):
* New time measurement: Dragon now measures the game time by solely looking at the time spend in the engine. (previous versions timekeeping included graphical user interface time and contained some inaccuracies) This for more accurate and reproducability (time spend in gui may depend on screen size, font size, graphics cards and many other window settings). If you still want to match with gui-time included, you need to give dragon a few seconds less (e.g. You can set dragons time to .95 minutes/game)
* damexchange: option to wait for 250 ms before starting to think. This should help prevent different programs on the same computer from interfering with eachother.
* when starting damexchange, you can now choose to run with a minimal interface. This should help prevent different programs on the same computer from interfering with eachother, and prevents time being spend on updating windows
* bugfix: damechange in some database positions dragon did not claim a win at move 75

* bugfix in loading breakthrough table
* bugfix: ambigious moves in damexchange, pdn import
* analyse position/game: not reporting speed correctly

11-1-2014 version 4.3.1
* fixed bug in game analyses
* fixed bug in draw by repetition detection
* made it easier to add new languages

13-12-2013 version 4.3.0
* various improvements. Dragon should now be the world strongest draughts program
* bug-fixes for multi core machines (occasionally dragon played a random move)
* improved database caching
* enhanced time control
* damexchange improvements: ability to pause match, limit endgame databases, play with both white and black, play game series. Some issues are still unresolved. Pondering is not available in damexchange.
* new layout for the status bar, showing the current score and depth
* layout bugs fixed for when windows font size is set to large
* various bugfixes

29-8-2013 version 4.2.2
* Single-clicking on a target field or single clicking on a piece with only one option to move will now play that move.
* Dragon draughts is now available in the Russian language. You can change the language in the settings.
* fixed bug in endgame
* Improved readability of the field numbers

24-7-2013 version 4.2.1
* fixed bug in opening book

16-7-2013 version 4.2.0
This release improves playing strength, improves the interface and addresses several bugs.

program improvements:
* new board graphics
* dragon now automatically saves and reloads the game when you restart
* new way to edit its options
* open game now has a preview option
* button to toggle between table and text view of the game
* some bugfixes for saving and opening pdn files

engine improvements:
* increased performance: dragon is now (finally) fully bitboard based. This gives about 18% more evaluations per second. Also uses popcount instruction when available (+5% speed)
* dragon has a new opening book of about 150.000 positions (up from 26.000). The book has been automatically generated.
* more effective transposition tables

20-2-2013 version 4.1.7
* fixed crash on 32 bit systems in combination with 7 piece endgames
* print game option
* updated french translation (hirel)

27-1-2013 version 4.1.6
* slightly less memory use
* several bugfixes

11-1-2013 version 4.1.3
This release addresses several bugs and improves playing strength

Interface changes:
* improved pdn import for files generated by Turbo dambase
* damexchange: minor bugfixes
* damexchange: dragon now limits the amount of hash tables it uses if it thinks the setting is too high (using too large tables will hurt performance)
* cleaned up some of the extended statistics

Engine changes: (resulting in about 30-50 elo points strength improvement)
* increased performance: about 50% more evaluations per second
* improvements in evaluation function
* fixed a bug that caused dragon to occasionaly play a random (bad) move

- Please note that Dragon performs best on multicore-64 bit systems

8-10-2012 version 4.1
Main change in this version is the inclusion of a more advanced evalution function, which plays a lot better. This function is used when dragon plays tournaments and is now available in this version. Because it uses large tables, dragon 4.1 starts a bit slower than the older versions.

user interface:
- game analyses now shows variants directly
- damexchange: dragon can now accept the time control suggestion from the client (option is configurable)
- added option to create error report in case of a engine crash
- various bugfixes: languages, scroll, copy&paste, opening some pdn files, game color in saved positions, playout game, permanent brain
- inclusion of breakthrough and other tables that increase dragon's playing strength (about 140 elo points)
- better move ordering (+20%), faster evaluation (+%2), large page support (+3%-6%) (about 15 elo points)
- bugfixes: endgame generation, minor fixes in eval function

21-9-2011 version 4.0 SetupDragon v4.0.msi
- completely new user interface
- engine search speed is increased by a factor between 2 and 3, due to improved multithreading algorithms and switch to bitboards.
- endgame database generation is fully multithreaded and can generate up to 8 piece endgames (given sufficient ram)

12-1-2008 version 3.0 (still available as setup dragon-3.0beta.exe)
#Massively improved game analyses:
Dragon spends more time on interresting positions, less on obvious moves
Analyses is created as game variant
Continuation is done on full search depth
Evaluation at end of game
Quick game analyses option: checks for blunders and gives quickly produces score graph
Automatic threshold: lower the comment threshold at longer thinking times

#General changes:
Fixed bug when windows went into screensaver
Form to quickly enter a new game, or copy & paste a game from a website or other document
Game moves are now implemented as a tree, allowing for variants, and variants of variants, ad infinitum
Graph displaying score during the game
Option form split in 3 seperate tabs
Options to change some of dragon's colors.

#Engine improvements
Dragon can now utilise multi-core processors. Speedup is still modest though. Measured as time to reach a certain level of play, dragon is 1.55 times faster on dual core, and 1.99 times on a quad-core. Set up the number of processors you want dragon to use in the options.
Endgame databases are now accessed directly from disk if there are not available in memory
Improved database compression. All 6 piece endings now fit on a single CD
About 10% speed improvement
Improved move ordering
Improved identication of drawn endgames

Lastgame.pdn can't be overwritten anymore by an empty game
Save as applet problem fixed
Infinite analyses did not work when still in opening book
Position analyses sometimes produced invalid continuations on lower depths
06-07-2005 Version 2.4 (still available as dragonDraughts for windows v2.4.1) 09-05-2005 Version 2.3 14-04-2005 Version 2.2.3 25-03-2005 Version 2.2 24-11-2004 Version 2.1 10-3-2004 Version 1.2.5 (still available as dragon 1.2.5 version (v1.2.5)) 1-2-2004 Version 1.2.3 13-11-2003 Version 1.1.10 14-9-2003 Version 1.1.8 25-8-2003 Version 1.1.2 28-7-2003 Version 1.0.13b 21-7-2003 Version 1.0.13 14-7-2003 Version 1.0.10 11-7-2003 Version 1.0.8 12-6-1996 Versie 0.2
Grafische interface voor linux
1996    Versie 0.1
1996    Versie 0.0 DragonDraughts-0.0.tgz
Eerste release